Managed Support

Managed Service Plans

Managed service plans are based on pro-active support and a monthly cost rather than reactive problem solving and unpredictable charges. Issues are handled in the early stage. The result is increased productivity, decreased downtime and simpler budgeting.

Malware Protection and Removal

Malware, spyware, phishing, ransomware, and network attacks are at an all-time high. Macs will be monitored for malware, which will be automatically removed.

MacOS Security and System Updates

Safe updates are sent to all the computers in your organization in the background while you work or in the evening. Unstable updates are held back and major upgrades are blocked from staff implementing and ruining production when the upgrade fails or is incompatible with existing software.

Mac Inventory Maintenance

All Mac hardware including model, serial number, drive space, RAM, and more is tracked in great detail. An up-to-date spreadsheet of your equipment is available at any time.

24/7 Remote Monitoring

Hardware such as hard drives are monitored 24/7 for pre-failure alerts. Misbehaving software can be caught, and there are records of system crashes. Automated backup reporting lets us know that data is safe.

Pro-active System Maintenance

Remote maintenance is performed with automated tools in the background while you work and in the evening. We automate disk checks, malware removal and many other tasks. We even let you know when your Mac needs a restart because it has been up and running too long.

Cloud Backup

MacLab provides a full service, encrypted cloud backup with unlimited storage.

Network and Firewall Support

Firewall and VPN adjustments help keep the network safe and allow staff to connect in to the office remotely. Troubleshooting printing and connecting to servers is covered.

Security Awareness Training

Training is available for your staff to help prevent costly phishing scams.

Software License Management

MacLab keeps tabs on your software records so you don’t have to. Quantities, serial numbers, changes, additional users, are all documented.

Remote Support

Most issues can be solved without an on-site visit. Remote support can be by phone, email, screen sharing or even behind the scenes.

On-site Support

MacLab techs are available to come on-site for major upgrades, projects, and when remote support can’t solve an issue.