Managed Support

Complete Support

Design studios, business, government and organizations of all kinds rely on MacLab to maintain their Macs. Preventive measures are the most effective. Our support strength is in our experience, teamwork, unique and unified approach.

Managed Service

Managed service plans are based on a low monthly cost rather than an unknown and unexpectedly high bill after a problem arises. Issues are handled in the early stage and repairs can be scheduled. The result is increased productivity. The difference is pro-active support vs reactive problem solving. Managed service plans make budgeting simpler and reduce downtime.

Remote Support

Many issues can be solved without an on-site visit. Remote support can be by phone, email, screen sharing or even behind the scenes. We have dedicated remote support staff on hand.

On-site Support

MacLab techs are available to come on-site for major upgrades, projects and when remote support can’t solve an issue.

Hardware Monitoring

With a managed support plan, we monitor your Mac hardware 24/7 to make sure it is in top shape. Pre-failure warnings alert us, so we can alert you before problems arise.

Planned Updates

Updates are sent to all the computers in your organization in the background while you work or in the evening. Safe updates are sent while unstable updates are held back.

Pro-active System Maintenance

Remote maintenance is performed with our automated tools in the background while you work and in the evening. We automate disk checks, malware  removal and many other tasks on all computers in your organization simultaneously rather than manually one at a time.

Project Specific Work

We can install and recommend new Macs, firewalls and servers custom tailored to your needs. There are many project specific jobs we take on, just ask.

Repairs & Upgrades

Buying a new Mac is not always necessary, especially if your old computer can be brought up to speed without spending much. Ask about upgrades. We’ll give you a quote and consult on the upgrade or repair, comparing it to the price of a new computer. MacLab can upgrade Macs long out of warranty, making them well worth keeping. This includes replacement drives, batteries and much more.


A good backup is critical for everyone. This includes the necessary hardware and software and selection of data. MacLab offers a secure and effective on site and cloud backup service for workstations and servers. Backup status reports and alerts are sent via email and all backups are fully monitored. 

Mobile Device Management

MacLab can help with your mobile devices. Company security is extremely important with laptops, iPads and iPhones and we can set them to be remotely wiped, locked and fully managed.

Networks and Security

Malware, spyware, phishing, ransomware, and network attacks are at an all-time high. MacLab can configure a VPN for your office and make sure your network is protected with an appropriate firewall. Network and device security is extremely important.