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The AIGADC-Talk list is donated by MacLab to the Washington DC chapter of the professional association for design (AIGA DC) and the Washington DC design community. The list is a valuable resource for graphic designers of all experience levels and training. Discuss vendors, software, client relations and more. Find answers quickly! You don’t need to be an AIGA member to subscribe or post messages.

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Send any message to aigadc-talk-on AT maclaboratory DOT com to subscribe. You’ll receive an automated email to confirm your request. Simply reply to that message.

If the number of messages you receive from the list is more than you’d like, try a “Digest” subscription. Instead of receiving each message individually, you’ll get a single message each day containing all messages since the previous digest. To change to a digest subscription, send any message to aigadc-talk-digest AT maclaboratory DOT com. You can switch back to normal (feed) mode at any time by sending any message to aigadc-talk-feed AT maclaboratory DOT com.

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By subscribing to the AIGADC-Talk list, you agree to the guidelines listed here. At the discretion of AIGA DC or the MacLab list administrator, a list member may be removed from the listserv or moderated if the guidelines or not followed, there’s a technical issue with the email account, or the member’s participation is determined detrimental to the list.

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Posting Messages

Send messages to aigadc-talk AT maclaboratory DOT com to post them to the list. To post messages, you must be a subscriber. There might be a delay of up to 24 hrs if it’s your first post.

Please stay on the topic of graphic design, and when replying to a message, quote only the appropriate part of the original email. Be considerate of others and re-read your message before you click that send button! Consider how your words will convey. You never know who might be on this list.

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Advertising is not allowed. Attempting to draw attention to a product or service in order to promote sales is considered advertising. Events with the primary purpose of for-profit company sales, posted by a coordinator or staff member of the selling organization are not allowed. Community events of interest such as: Salons, gallery openings, education, films and personal gatherings are examples of accepted events for the list. Please help us maintain the spirit of the list by keeping it an advert-free forum.

Send your message to aigadc-talk-admin AT maclaboratory DOT com for approval if you’re unclear whether it meets the guidelines.

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Job Postings

The following posts are not allowed:

  • Mention of availability of full or part-time employment of any kind
  • Requests for recommendations of freelance graphic designers (print or web)

The following requests for recommendations ARE allowed.

  • Freelance photographers
  • Freelance Web developers (coding)
  • Freelance bookkeepers
  • Print vendors
  • Media duplication vendors
  • Trainers/Educators
  • Other vendors not listed (subject to change)

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Please contact aigadc-talk-admin AT maclaboratory DOT com if you’re being solicited. Unsolicited phone calls or direct email to list members from vendors in response to a list message is prohibited unless an active vendor/client relationship existed prior to the participant’s posting.

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Two list archives exist.

Archive 2: February 2006 to present:

Archive 1: Messages from March 2002 through Jan 2006:

When prompted for a name and password, enter “talkarchives” for the user name and “aigadc” for the password.

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Send email to aigadc-talk-admin AT maclaboratory DOT com with your subscription, posting or list guideline questions.

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