WFH Internet Protection

MacLab support plans now include Internet protection for work-from-home staff. Typically, home Internet is not protected from botnets, malware and phishing sites. Office networks have firewalls that block attacks, but home networks are left to fend for themselves and given weak or ineffective protection by the Internet provider. MacLab has a small agent that installs on the Mac that redirects traffic through a filter and checks for malicious sites. This can also be customized for your organization to block or allow particular sites or categories of sites. Domains created within the last 30 days can also be blocked, since those are the most likely to be sources of phishing.

The service is effective regardless of where the computer is being used. Home, coffee shop, or public wifi. This is not designed to stop email spam. Spam is blocked by your spam filter. However, if the message makes it through and a malicious link is clicked, the site may very well be blocked by this service.

The service is included free with most new support plans.

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