Used and Reconditioned

All used equipment sales include a MacLab 90 day warranty unless otherwise stated. We can add RAM, larger drives or make other modifications. The “Intro/Disc” column represents the year Apple introduced and discontinued the model. Some of these include a MacLab installed solid state (SSD) drive, also known as a “flash” drive. This will make the Mac much quicker than new. Some laptops include a new battery.

Mac Model Specs Intro/Disc Price
MacPro MC250LL/A 2.8 Quad 8GB RAM 1TB 10.11 2010-2012 $950
MacPro MA970LL/A 2 x 2.8 GHZ 12GB RAM 10.11 2008-2009 $400
Mac Mini MC815LL/A 2.3 GHZ 8GB RAM 250GB SSD 10.11 2011-2012 $500
Mac Mini MC815LL/A 2.3 GHZ 8GB RAM 500GB SSD 10.11 2011-2012 $600


Manufacturer Model Details Price
Apple Airport Extreme Various Ask
Various Used Displays Call for Details $50–100


Contact us for collectables such as Powerbooks, PPC MacBooks, G5s, Xserve, XRAID and parts.