How to Archive Email

Archiving is important if you use IMAP email (most of us do) to prevent email storage from reaching its limit. If it fills up, you’ll stop receiving mail.

Here’s how to archive email by year, using Apple Mail. This will pull mail from your provider and copy it to your computer in an archive folder. Doing so will allow you to view it on this Mac only and not multiple devices, so archive outdated email only.

Create a Mailbox for the Archived Mail

Select “New Mailbox…” from the Mailbox menu. Set the Location to “On My Mac” and give it a name. For this example, we’ll call it “2012 Archive.” Click “OK.”

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Teamwork Made Easy

Kerio Workspace is now Samepage, hosted by Kerio. Grown up and looking fresh and clean. This is much nicer than Apple’s Wiki and easier to use. Goodbye Dropbox for Teams and Google Drive because you can sync files from your Mac.

But Samepage does much more. It allows you to create an Intranet or discussions and projects for your team and clients, all within your web browser. This eliminates the long and winding email trails. With Samepage, you have visual aids and organization that email can’t bring to the table.

Start here to kick the tires and get a free 2GB account. Invite your team and receive up to 10GB for no charge.

Back Up Everything

MacLab now offers a fully monitored backup with unlimited off site storage for a low price of $39 per month. This is the new Unlimited Plan. There are a few differences with this option compared to our standard backup, so contact us for the best choice for your workstation, server or office.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe CS6 is the last version of Creative Suite offered in the traditional sense. From this point forward, Adobe is selling Creative Suite via the Creative Cloud subscription model only. For those unfamiliar with a subscription-based software model, you purchase the right to use the software for a period of time and renew the lease regularly.

For CS3 and CS4 users, Creative Cloud is especially attractive since there is no upgrade path to CS6. But even for CS5 users, Creative Cloud includes the entire Master Collection, far more than Design and Web Premium. Creative Cloud for Teams adds the additional advantage of centralized management of users, a single subscription start/end date and cloud storage.

MacLab is offering Creative Cloud for Teams at a special discounted rate through August of $39.99/month per seat, a discount of $30/month. Purchase an entire year now and save a bundle.

Mini vs iMac

The Mac Mini is often overlooked as a desktop Mac but has advantages compared to an iMac, especially compared to the 21 inch model.

  1. RAM is upgradeable (21″ iMac is not)
  2. Easy to ship, easy to transport.
  3. Attach nearly any display.
  4. Available now (iMacs are often on backorder)
  5. Computer can be serviced separate from display and swapped with a spare.

The mini can be ordered with an SSD drive for speed or used with external drives. One of the main limitations is RAM, which is limited to 16GB. This makes it more of a direct comparison to the 21 inch iMac although in our opinion it’s a better buy because of the flexibility.

New Life for an Old Mac Pro

If you need to hold on to your old Mac Pro a little longer, get this ATI Radeon 5770 video card from Apple. Although technically supported in 2010 Mac Pros and newer, we’ve put these in 2006-2008 Mac Pros for a nice boost! Watch Photoshop open images many times faster and web sites scroll quicker. Well worth the money. Install it yourself or have MacLab install it for you.

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