New Life for an Old Mac Pro

If you need to hold on to your old Mac Pro a little longer, get this ATI Radeon 5770 video card from Apple. Although technically supported in 2010 Mac Pros and newer, we’ve put these in 2006-2008 Mac Pros for a nice boost! Watch Photoshop open images many times faster and web sites scroll quicker. Well worth the money. Install it yourself or have MacLab install it for you.

iMac RAM Not Upgradeable

Moving more and more towards the sealed unit, Apple has made the 21 inch iMac RAM unserviceable. It comes with a healthy (for now) 8GB but down the road if you want 16 (the max), the computer would have to have the screen and the logic board removed. Consider getting 16 GB of RAM to begin with or buying a Mac Mini instead, which still allows a quick and easy upgrade. The 27 inch iMac doesn’t have this limitation.

Mountain Lion Server Certified

We’re pleased to announce that our tech, Clay Lewis is one of the first few in the nation to become Apple Certified on Mountain Lion Server. MacLab is now certified in 10.8 and 10.8 server as well as holding Apple’s Mobility Technical Competency. The MTC designation is given by Apple to individuals within companies trained and knowledgeable on implementing managed iOS solutions. All MacLab techs are certified and members of the Apple Consultant’s Network.

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Kerio Workspace vs Dropbox

Here’s a great tool for your office or even your home and you can keep this all in your private cloud, which means monthly fees are dirt cheap and data never leaves your controlled environment. It’s a wild and wooly world out there—keep it in house! Kerio Workspace can sync files across multiple users and has a great web interface where you can even create content. There’s version tracking, commenting, and much more. Workspace is not just about files, it’s a group project tool with elements of social networking.

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Adobe Ends CS 3,4 Upgrades

Adobe will shut the door for users of Creative Suite 3 and 4 on December 31st. Upgrade pricing to Creative Suite CS6 will no longer be available for these versions. If you or your office is planning on moving to Creative Suite 6 from CS3 or CS4, purchase now! Waiting until January 1 could cost  thousands. Here’s an example.

Before Jan 1: Upgrade to CS6 Design and Web Premium $949

After Jan 1: CS6 Design and Web Premium $1899

MacLab is an authorized Adobe reseller. Please let us know if we can help you upgrade before the deadline.

iMac Availability

New iMacs have been missing in action for awhile now. The 21 inch models should be out soon, but the 27 inch iMacs are still going to be a long way away. We’re in the midst of an iMac shortage. If you need a desktop Mac, you have a few choices. Mac Pro (my fav), Mac Mini, or going with a reconditioned Mac. Apple’s reconditioned Macs look like new and you might also be able to find an iMac. As of this writing, there are some 27 inch models—grab while you can. Use the link below to explore Apple’s deals on refurbs. You can buy Applecare on refurbs for full warranty.

Apple Certified Refurbished Products

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