Fresh Air


Apple just released new MacBook Air models including a tiny 11-inch. The MacBook Air is coming along, but there are a few things you should know.

The battery for the 11-inch model has a life rated 2 hrs shorter than the 13-inch (5 hrs vs 7), there is no Firewire (USB only), no network jack (wireless only), no DVD drive (external available), 4GB of RAM is the max and more can’t be installed after the purchase! The good? It’s only 2 pounds and the solid state drive is quick. The MacBook Air could be a nice internet or business laptop, but not so great for design or other heavy lifting.

iPad Mini-Review


I went ahead and sprung for an iPad. It’s a spritely little thing and can I check email and cruise the web in the palm of my hand (ok hands, plural). Showing pictures of our newest and smallest family member, Juni, is a pleasure and the iPad can be used at the breakfast table without the wall of a laptop screen breaking up conversation. The onscreen keyboard works well and while I’m not a fan e-books, reading can be nice.

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