AIGA Sustaining Partner

MacLab is now a sustaining partner of AIGA DC. AIGA is the professional association for design. AIGA DC is the Washington DC Chapter.

MacLab also hosts the AIGA DC discussion list. Get in on the design talk! No need to be a member to subscribe.

Return of the Best Keyboard

Once upon a time Apple made expensive, high quality keyboards that went klickity klak. They made a number of duds too, but many consider the original Apple Extended Keyboard the best ever made. Now Matias is re-creating this keyboard for those that love keys that really move. Let us know if you’d like to get your hands on one.

Disposing of Old Macs Safely

When MacLab installs a new computer for you we can remove your old one, take it back to our office, erase the drive and dispose of the computer at no charge. If there are useful parts, we put them in our used parts area. Parts that cannot be repurposed will be taken to a disposal facility. Computers cannot be thrown in the trash because they are hazardous waste and contain toxic chemicals.

Imap vs Pop

In preparation for configuring a new email account, decide whether you would like to use a POP or IMAP. This quick tip explains the pros and cons of each and why you would want to bother to know the difference.

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MacLab vs Mozy

MacLab and Mozy each offer off-site backup. I did a cost comparison and the results are in. For an online backup of a small office with 3 workstations, 100GB of data each (300GB total), MacLab’s service runs $60 per month, while Mozy runs $161.85. For a file server with 500GB of data, MacLab comes in at $60, Mozy $254.95. MacLab also includes installation on-site, monitoring, on-site backup and more. Mozy is a DIY operation. Amazon and Rackspace can’t compete either. Jump on while prices are still this low.

Rebuild Your Mailbox

This tip applies to Apple Mail users that find their Inbox isn’t displaying new email in a timely manner or has missing messages. Mail keeps an index file responsible for displaying the content of the inbox, which gets out of sync. Luckily, fixing it is easy. Select the Inbox icon of the account under “Mailboxes,” then go to the Mailbox menu and select “Rebuild.” If this doesn’t solve the problem the Envelope Index for Apple Mail could be at fault, which is beyond the scope of this tip. Contact us for help.


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