Mail Alternative

I recently discovered Postbox. Postbox is an email application. I decided to give it a try and fell in love. Postbox is a bit to get used to, but well worth it in my opinion. Clay and I have been finding what we’ve dubbed “Nuggets” on a daily basis—seemingly secret features that make things so much easier. Here are just a few reasons I love Postbox.

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Updates Galore

Adobe has released Photoshop 12.04 and InDesign 7.04, both important updates that address unexpected quitting problems and security. Apple has released the Snow Leopard Font Update to fix the font problem introduced in 10.67, an iMac hard drive firmware update to cure booting problems on 2010 iMacs, and updates for the new iMacs and MacBook Pros. Use caution when applying any firmware update. Make sure the process is not disturbed and laptops are not running on battery power. MacLab can apply these on our next visit or you can download them using the links provided.

New Quad Core iMacs

Apple refreshed the iMac line Tuesday. New models include the Thunderbolt port for external displays and high speed data connections, quad core processors, a FaceTimeHD camera (replacing iSight) and upgraded video cards. Apple says the new iMacs are up to 70% faster than previous models. The displays remain at 21 and 27 inches.

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Time Machine Can Break!

Keep an eye on your Time Machine backup. A damaged file can stop it dead in its tracks. Some sleuthing can be required to locate the bad file, but the important thing is to detect a backup that isn’t doing its job. Go to the top right-side of your display, to the menu bar and click on the small clock icon to pull down the Time Machine menu. It will show you time of the last backup, or that it’s in the process of backing up.

Snow Leopard Free

April Special: Free Mac OS 10.6! Have MacLab upgrade your computer from MacOS 10.5 to Snow Leopard (10.6) and we’ll include the software for free. No joke. Offer ends April 30. Make sure to check our other specials.

MacLab Celebrates 20 Years

January 2011 marks 20 years in business!

In 1991 I ended my job as an auto mechanic (!) and started this company doing both graphic design production and Mac support. We began with the name Studio 405. My advice: don’t use an address in your company name.  Continue Reading…

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