OS X Lion 10.7 Should You Upgrade?

If you buy a new Mac you might not have a choice, but otherwise don’t rush into this upgrade without doing your homework. Check to see if the applications you use are Lion compatible and update them first if necessary. Back up your entire computer, or even better, clone it with a tool such as Carbon Copy Cloner or ChronoSync.

For a full list of features in 10.7 Lion, refer to this Apple page.

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CS5.5 and Suitcase

If you install Adobe InDesign CS5.5, you might want to hold off on the incremental InDesign 7.51 update, despite being prompted by the software. The update will stop your Suitcase Fusion 3 auto-activation from working. If you’ve already applied the update, you can still activate fonts manually, or you can re-install CS5.5 to go back to the 7.5 version of InDesign/InCopy. Adobe says that CS5.5 incorrectly allowed CS5 plug-ins to function and allowed potential stability problems.

The word from Adobe and Extensis:

Adobe KB article

Extensis KB ariticle

10.6.8 Update: Printing Problems Again

MacOS X 10.68 has been released providing the following:

  • Enhance the Mac App Store to get your Mac ready to upgrade to Mac OS X Lion
  • Resolve an issue that may cause Preview to unexpectedly quit
  • Improve support for IPv6
  • Improve VPN reliability
  • Identify and remove known variants of Mac Defender

Unfortunately some users have been experiencing printing problems after applying this update. For this reason, and because of the small number of enhancements, we can’t endorse this upgrade at this time. The Apple support forum has a discussion of people experiencing printing issues.

If you’d like to update, you can download 10.6.8 here.

Snow Leopard Update

MobileMe Gone, iCloud Not Ready

Apple ended MobileMe enrollment. Existing members can stay on until June 30, 2012. For information on what will happen to your account if you’re a MobileMe user, refer to this Apple FAQ. The replacement, iCloud won’t be available for months. This leaves new Mac buyers that need email, file sharing, calendar and contact syncing over the Internet without a solution from Apple.

Did you know MacLab offers all the above? In addition, schedules and contacts can be shared and/or edited by the entire office team or members of the family, providing a professional solution. We can also give you server space with features that go beyond iDisk. We don’t have any special name for this service, we’ve been too busy. Macloud? AirLab?

Network Attached Storage

I haven’t been much of a fan of network attached storage drives (NAS) in the past, thinking of them as cheap server substitutes. It’s true, they’re essentially that, but there can be a place for them. I recently had a chance to review a Lacie 2 Big Network 2, a 2TB NAS that retails for $315. A Mac Mini server is a steal at $999, this Lacie NAS is a third the price. The Lacie 2 Big Network 2 provides Apple File Sharing, Windows File sharing, FTP, Time Machine backup, and music Streaming (iTunes and MP3). Continue Reading…

Here Comes Lion

Apple unveiled Lion (OS  X 10.7) and Lion Server, announcing availability in July. An Intel Mac will be required and the price has been set at $29.99. Features include a redesigned Mail application, full screen apps, automatic save, an application launcher, a new file sharing method called “AirDrop” and more.  We caution against installing such a major upgrade as soon as it’s released. When you decide to take it on, make sure you have a full backup, or even better, a full clone (exact copy) of your drive. MacLab will be keeping a close eye on Lion incompatibilities and updates.

Purchasing a new Mac in July or August could mean a forced upgrade since the system will likely ship with Lion pre-installed. Consider buying a new computer this month and upgrading later for a smoother transition.

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