Managed Support

Predictable Costs, Reliable Macs

MacLab managed services are based on a fixed low cost per user or device and on a recurring basis (for example monthly or quarterly) rather than unexpectedly when a problem arises or a computer breaks down. This gives you a budget to work with and minimizes or even eliminates sudden expenditures and downtime. In addition, this is a pro-active service, and issues are handled in the early stage, often before they’re noticed by the user.

Remote Support & Monitoring

Remote support is quicker and we’re better informed because of small software “agents” we install with the service. These send us information on your hardware inventory and specific details of each Mac.  We can check your Mac’s performance at any given time. We can tell how much Internet bandwidth you have available, whether software is out of date or whether your hard drive or laptop battery is failing. Critical hardware alerts are automated and sent to us 24/7.

Remote Updates & Maintenance

System updates and maintenance can be run remotely, even while you work in many cases. We don’t need to come on site or bump you off your computer as frequently. This saves time and money. We can detect which Macs need updating, which don’t, what version of the operating system is running, hardware specifics and more.

Communications & Backup

We offer full enterprise level email, calendaring, backup, and more. Your managed services package can be all inclusive with full support. Managed remote support and monitoring fits perfectly with email and cloud backup provided by MacLab.

iOS Support and Security

MacLab provides mobile device management as part of managed services. This can help quickly configure your iPhone or iPad and give needed security. Security has become extremely important for business.

Server Monitoring & Managed Support

We can provide 24/7 server monitoring and managed support for Mac servers.