MacLab Backup Advantage

By combining monitoring, on and off-site backup, in-area cloud and in-person service, we believe our backup solution has a strong advantage and is the best available. Read on for more details.


We’re watching and working to ensure a successful backup. We monitor backups continuously, make adjustments and contact you if there is an issue. We fine tune settings such as when the backup runs and the bandwidth used. We can start and stop or reset the backup remotely.

In-Area Cloud

MacLab backup servers are located in the DC metro area with the option for an additional backup out of the area. We restore your off-site data quicker than an Internet download by bringing recovered data to your door.

In-Person Service

In the Washington DC area, MacLab can come on-site to configure up your entire office backup. Remote support is also available as well as self-help instructions. We know you and your Macs because we do other support for you (most likely). You know MacLab and the service we provide.

On-Site Backup

We can configure a backup in your office that works in tandem with the remote backup. These are joined to our system and monitored.


In addition to the standard backup, we offer an affordable unlimited data backup, backup to an attached drive, and discounts when combined with other services.

Top Software Features

  1. Fully automatic backup
  2. Backup reporting and alerts
  3. Continuous or scheduled backup
  4. Bandwidth limiting to conserve Internet speed
  5. Backup slows when computer is in use
  6. Restore files via Mac/Windows/Linux app, Web, or iOS
  7. Backs up only changed portion of files
  8. Compresses files to conserve space
  9. 448 bit encryption for security
  10. Backup to MacLab Servers, network sever, attached drives or network workstations.