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Preparing to be Powerless

We’ve had a few scares in the Washington DC area in the last week or so, including the effects of a hurricane that took out power. Whether it’s a winter blizzard or a summer storm, lack of electricity is a serious workflow interrupt and potential data killer.

Three things to do to help protect against data and productivity loss:

  • Install an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for every Mac and hard drive especially servers. Laptops won’t need a UPS but still require surge protectors. The UPS won’t allow you to work long after a power outage but will keep the computer up for a few minutes and long enough to shut down safely.

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Purge Your Email

Kerio Connect

You might be familiar with the concept of working with an email space quota—all email providers have them. If not, you might soon be faced with a full mailbox. The most missed mailbox to purge is the “sent” mail. Years of correspondence and attachments can pile up in there.

As a Kerio Connect email hosting provider, MacLab gives you the ability to automatically delete sent messages after a time period you designate. Just let us know what works for you (1 yr, 2 yrs, etc). There’s no additional charge for this service. You can copy messages to your computer before the time period is up, or just let them go!

CS5.5 and Suitcase

If you install Adobe InDesign CS5.5, you might want to hold off on the incremental InDesign 7.51 update, despite being prompted by the software. The update will stop your Suitcase Fusion 3 auto-activation from working. If you’ve already applied the update, you can still activate fonts manually, or you can re-install CS5.5 to go back to the 7.5 version of InDesign/InCopy. Adobe says that CS5.5 incorrectly allowed CS5 plug-ins to function and allowed potential stability problems.

The word from Adobe and Extensis:

Adobe KB article

Extensis KB ariticle

Network Attached Storage

I haven’t been much of a fan of network attached storage drives (NAS) in the past, thinking of them as cheap server substitutes. It’s true, they’re essentially that, but there can be a place for them. I recently had a chance to review a Lacie 2 Big Network 2, a 2TB NAS that retails for $315. A Mac Mini server is a steal at $999, this Lacie NAS is a third the price. The Lacie 2 Big Network 2 provides Apple File Sharing, Windows File sharing, FTP, Time Machine backup, and music Streaming (iTunes and MP3). Continue Reading…

Time Machine Can Break!

Keep an eye on your Time Machine backup. A damaged file can stop it dead in its tracks. Some sleuthing can be required to locate the bad file, but the important thing is to detect a backup that isn’t doing its job. Go to the top right-side of your display, to the menu bar and click on the small clock icon to pull down the Time Machine menu. It will show you time of the last backup, or that it’s in the process of backing up.

Check on Your Drive

Macs, as great as they are, they don’t usually fix themselves. Although I highly recommend you get on one of our discounted maintenance programs, there are a few things you can do yourself including repairing disk permissions and checking your disk directory. Open the Applications folder, then Utilities folder and launch Disk Utility, select your drive icon and click “Repair Permissions.” This will take awhile but can solve a multitude of issues. Next, click “Verify Disk.” This will let you know if there are any serious issues with the hard disk directory. If there are problems, don’t ignore them! Let us know so we can fix them before it’s too late. A corrupted disk directory is the number one cause of lost data.


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