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Protecting Your Mac Network

There was a time when a basic firewall was enough for small office. Lately it has become more of a challenge. We’ve been seeing Macs with malware on a regular basis in offices large and small. It’s time to get serious about protecting Mac networks. Unified Threat Management (UTM) devices are the next step in protection.

Although we’ve been working primarily with Sonicwall UTMs, I finally got the chance to install a Kerio Control Box. They come fully featured off the shelf and the software is intuitive and a joy to use compared to most routers (UTM devices are advanced routers.) Because the interface was so well designed, I quickly found several problems on our network I hadn’t noticed previously.

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Favorite iPad Cases

I had to designate my iPad (first generation) to testing here at MacLab. We’re doing testing with Lion server (more on this in a bit). So I upgraded to a new iPad 2. Of course this led to a chain reaction, meaning I needed a new iPad case since the old one didn’t fit. I found two great and very different cases.

The Dodocase looks like a journal, is comfortable to carry and disguises your iPad as a non-valuable item. Crafted by hand, the interior is made of wood. It’s not so great as a stand, but an excellent way to carry your iPad and makes using it in your lap a nice experience, like reading a book.

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Network Attached Storage

I haven’t been much of a fan of network attached storage drives (NAS) in the past, thinking of them as cheap server substitutes. It’s true, they’re essentially that, but there can be a place for them. I recently had a chance to review a Lacie 2 Big Network 2, a 2TB NAS that retails for $315. A Mac Mini server is a steal at $999, this Lacie NAS is a third the price. The Lacie 2 Big Network 2 provides Apple File Sharing, Windows File sharing, FTP, Time Machine backup, and music Streaming (iTunes and MP3). Continue Reading…

Mail Alternative

I recently discovered Postbox. Postbox is an email application. I decided to give it a try and fell in love. Postbox is a bit to get used to, but well worth it in my opinion. Clay and I have been finding what we’ve dubbed “Nuggets” on a daily basis—seemingly secret features that make things so much easier. Here are just a few reasons I love Postbox.

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iPad Mini-Review


I went ahead and sprung for an iPad. It’s a spritely little thing and can I check email and cruise the web in the palm of my hand (ok hands, plural). Showing pictures of our newest and smallest family member, Juni, is a pleasure and the iPad can be used at the breakfast table without the wall of a laptop screen breaking up conversation. The onscreen keyboard works well and while I’m not a fan e-books, reading can be nice.

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