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Updates Galore

Adobe has released Photoshop 12.04 and InDesign 7.04, both important updates that address unexpected quitting problems and security. Apple has released the Snow Leopard Font Update to fix the font problem introduced in 10.67, an iMac hard drive firmware update to cure booting problems on 2010 iMacs, and updates for the new iMacs and MacBook Pros. Use caution when applying any firmware update. Make sure the process is not disturbed and laptops are not running on battery power. MacLab can apply these on our next visit or you can download them using the links provided.

New Quad Core iMacs

Apple refreshed the iMac line Tuesday. New models include the Thunderbolt port for external displays and high speed data connections, quad core processors, a FaceTimeHD camera (replacing iSight) and upgraded video cards. Apple says the new iMacs are up to 70% faster than previous models. The displays remain at 21 and 27 inches.

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Mac OS 10.67 Updater

Apple has released 10.67 for desktop and server Macs. We recommend you backup your Mac with Time Machine or even better, a full clone with a tool such as Carbon Copy Cloner or Chronosync (neither of these is for the technically challenged) before updating. The easiest way to update is to select “Software Update” from the Apple Menu. If you’re concerned about doing this correctly, MacLab can handle it on the next visit.

Here are the detailed changes, which include a number of fixes and security updates.

A separate security update is available to download and apply that will work on older MacOS systems. Again, check Software Update.

Magic Charger

Stop trashing batteries, or even taking them out and recharging them! Just place your Magic Mouse on the Mobee Magic charger for a good night’s sleep. Let me know if you’d like to get your mouse on one of these. Our partner Dr. Bott will have exclusive distribution.

New MacBook Pros

Apple has updated the MacBook Pro line. The highlights: faster processors including a quad-core in the 15 and 17-inch models, longer battery life, and a new port dubbed “Thunderbolt.” This is a new high-speed port that can be used to connect fast drives and video. According to Apple, the connection is more than 12 times faster than Firewire 800. Also notable: the 13-inch MacBook Pro models now come stock with 4GB of RAM, rather than the previous 2GB. Let us know if you’re interested in getting a new MacBook Pro.

Return of the Best Keyboard

Once upon a time Apple made expensive, high quality keyboards that went klickity klak. They made a number of duds too, but many consider the original Apple Extended Keyboard the best ever made. Now Matias is re-creating this keyboard for those that love keys that really move. Let us know if you’d like to get your hands on one.

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