Protecting Your Mac Network

There was a time when a basic firewall was enough for small office. Lately it has become more of a challenge. We’ve been seeing Macs with malware on a regular basis in offices large and small. It’s time to get serious about protecting Mac networks. Unified Threat Management (UTM) devices are the next step in protection.

Although we’ve been working primarily with Sonicwall UTMs, I finally got the chance to install a Kerio Control Box. They come fully featured off the shelf and the software is intuitive and a joy to use compared to most routers (UTM devices are advanced routers.) Because the interface was so well designed, I quickly found several problems on our network I hadn’t noticed previously.

Setting up bandwidth management and VPN is relatively easy and each user can be identified on the network by name. Usage can even be graphed per user. The antivirus service protects against viruses and malware while the web filter can control web content to protect against known malicious sites or simply sites you would prefer not be visited.

Let us know if you’re interested in a Kerio Control Box for your office. They’re easier techs to administer, and are great protection for your network. If you have a UTM device by another manufacturer it might be time to upgrade the protection subscription or move to Kerio Control.

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