Tips for Buying Used

Here are a few quick points that will help cover your bases when purchasing a used or refurbished Mac laptop.

  • Select “About this Mac” from the Apple menu, then click “More Info.” Check under “Power” to see the battery health. Make sure the condition says “Good” or “Normal.”
  • Pivot the the screen. Do the hinges appear firm? The display should not flicker or show horizontal lines while being moved.
  • Check the RAM and hard drive. Is there enough? Figure in costs for upgrades.
  • Is there a warranty or a return period in case you discover a hardware issue when you get home?
  • Check that the optical drive reads a CD or DVD (if it reads, it will most likely write.)
  • Is there a fresh, clean operating system, or is there user data and applications all over the computer? If the latter, there could be left over problems to clean up.
  • Have upgrades been performed or parts replaced? If the hard drive has been replaced, this is good news. Drives fail eventually. If it was already taken care of you’ll avoid this issue and the newer drive will be speedier.

MacLab has used and refurbished Macs available. We take trade-ins, install fresh parts, erase the data (securely) and perform upgrades. Re-purposing computers helps the environment and saves money. If you’re looking to buy a new Mac, don’t pass up the opportunity to trade in your old one in for credit. By purchasing used or providing a trade-in you won’t be contributing to laptop landfill.

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