New Quad Core iMacs

Apple refreshed the iMac line Tuesday. New models include the Thunderbolt port for external displays and high speed data connections, quad core processors, a FaceTimeHD camera (replacing iSight) and upgraded video cards. Apple says the new iMacs are up to 70% faster than previous models. The displays remain at 21 and 27 inches.

New options: Solid state drives are available. They’re relatively low capacity and expensive compared to SATA drives, but extremely fast. A 256GB solid state drive in addition to the usual drive runs an extra $600 (that’s 2 drives inside an iMac!). Apple’s Trackpad can be substituted for a mouse.

The 21 inch iMacs have 2 RAM slots (down from 4), limiting the maximum RAM to 8GB. This can be a consideration for the longevity of the computer. For 16GB of RAM, you’ll need to get the 27 inch iMac. Whether you purchase your iMac through MacLab or the Apple Store, consider a RAM upgrade from MacLab for savings of up to 60%.


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