iPad Mini-Review


I went ahead and sprung for an iPad. It’s a spritely little thing and can I check email and cruise the web in the palm of my hand (ok hands, plural). Showing pictures of our newest and smallest family member, Juni, is a pleasure and the iPad can be used at the breakfast table without the wall of a laptop screen breaking up conversation. The onscreen keyboard works well and while I’m not a fan e-books, reading can be nice.

The iPad comes in handy when I want to shed the bulk of a laptop but stay connected to the office. iPad-specific apps are more complete than their iPhone counterparts and the larger size is much easier on the eyes. If you get an iPad, go for the 3G option ($130) since you can choose to leave service inactive or activate it month-to-month and stay commitment free. I prefer my MacBook Pro, but the iPad is handy (and fun) to have around.


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